AI for Towing Companies: Never Miss a Call & Boost Your Business with Never Miss a Tow

St. Louis, MO – June 12, 2024 – Never Miss a Tow, an innovative AI-powered phone system, is transforming the way tow businesses operate. The platform is designed to ensure that tow companies never miss a call, streamline communication, and enhance customer service.

“Ever missed a tow job because you didn’t answer the phone quickly enough? Are you spending too much time on calls instead of making more tows? Tired of paying fees or reducing your prices for dispatchers or motor clubs?”. Our AI Call Agent ensures you never miss a call again, allowing you to focus on growing your business.” – Ray Burrows, Co-Founder – Technical Director,

Never Miss a Tow is an AI phone system agent capable of answering all calls, often without customers realizing they are speaking with an AI agent. The system ensures you do not experience missed calls, speaks and engages prospects, customers, and vendors, routes call to other phones, answers common questions, provides price estimates, and is never late for work, sick, or on vacation, operating when you need them, day or night.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Answers Calls: Ensures every call is answered promptly and recorded for review.
  • Books Tows: Streamlines the booking process for customers.
  • Routes Calls to Drivers: Connects customers to available drivers efficiently.
  • Sends SMS Messages: Provides updates and notifications to customers.
  • Uses Text-to-Pay: Offers convenient payment options.
  • Collects Reviews: Helps businesses gather customer feedback.

The platform can provide immediate notifications for important calls, along with transcripts and recordings of conversations. You now have a solution for severe weather conditions or when your team is short-handed.

Ready to stop missing calls and start maximizing your towing business? Discover Never Miss a Tow’s AI solutions, explore our service packages, and get a personalized quote at, or call our AI agent Tracy today 833-702-4869.