Integrated Lead Generation

An integrated lead generation service is at your fingertips with our combination of web tracking, mass email marketing, and sales automation technologies.

What Makes an Integrated Lead Generation Solution Superior?

The market reach of sales automation technologies that rely on text-based emails is limited, with a cap of around 200 emails per day. For a large email list of 25,000 contacts that meet your ideal customer profile, it could take up to 125 days to send each contact just one email. When factoring in a 3-step email sequence, you’re looking at over 16 months to deliver all the messages to each prospect.

And on top of that, using text-based emails doesn’t offer any branding advantages.

Transform Your Market Reach and Lead Generation Results with the Strategic Integration of Website Tracking and Mass Email

By incorporating a mass email engine, you can send an email to your pool of 25,000 ideal prospects within a single day, once your mass email account has been properly warmed up.

You can then sort out the prospects who opened your email and visited your website and seamlessly integrate them into your sales automation campaign.

Adopting this approach can offer two significant benefits:

  1. Firstly, by targeting only prospects who have visited your website and expressed interest in your product or service, you can improve response rates and increase the relevance of your sales messages.
  2. Secondly, by limiting the number of emails you send and focusing only on interested prospects, you can minimize the risk of being blacklisted and preserve your email reputation.

Keep in mind that mass email campaigns should focus on demand-generation content rather than sales copy and offers.

What is Web Tracking?

Web tracking software is a script that can be installed on your website, similar to marketing technologies like Google Analytics, Adroll, and HubSpot. This software tracks the IP address of website visitors and uses reverse DNS lookup to identify their location, including their company name (if a corporate IP address is detected), the browser type, the pages they viewed on your site, and how they arrived (such as from a Google search, email campaign, or directly).

Why is this Important?

A large majority – over 98% – of the potential customers who browse your website do not reveal their identity or complete any forms, effectively remaining anonymous.

However, by utilizing a reverse IP address lookup method, we can identify the IP addresses of these companies and assume that they must have had some level of interest in your product or service. Once we have successfully identified the company, we match it against our database of over 100 million contacts to download any relevant personas associated with that company to include in our mass email campaigns.

Those contacts who receive and open our mass email campaign and visit your website will be automatically added to your sales automation campaigns. This automated process runs continuously and operates 24/7, year-round.

We can take things up a notch by configuring a LinkedIn automation campaign that will automatically send invitations to ideal prospects who visit your site, respond to an email, and schedule a demo or meeting with you.

Doesn’t it make sense to reach out to a prospect who has already demonstrated interest in your company’s product or services by receiving a mass email, visiting your site, and responding to an automated email introduction sent on behalf of your salesperson to connect on LinkedIn? 

Sending connection invites to people who have no knowledge or interest in your company’s offerings may not be as effective.

Intent Data

Leveraging our web tracking software, we can utilize first-party and third-party data to identify companies that we believe are “In-Market” for your products and services.

Following the same approach as above, we pinpoint prospective clients who use specific keywords in their online searches, are referenced on social media, or visit your competitors’ websites, and then include them in the same mass email program. If these prospects exhibit the same behaviors as described earlier, such as visiting your website or responding to a sales automation campaign, they are included in the same automated workflow as the previously identified prospects.

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