What you are suffering from is not terminal…yet!

Bad data is is not a terminal disease if diagnosed and treated early.

Its funny but the way we treated our health and the way we treated our data in the past is very similar.  Back in the good old days  if there was a problem with your health you didn’t talk about it and you would surely never submit yourself to a screening. It was something you ignored until you were forceably admitted to the emergency room by your wife. And by then what was once preventable is now a full blown medical emergency!

Now days we are becoming more aware of our health and watching what we put in our bodies. But it seems like we are still acting like our parents when it comes to preventative care and regular screening of our data.  All too often we just throw anything into our CRM and keep ignoring the fact that the more bloated we become with bad data the less effective we are. We slow down, we are less likely to try new things (like marketing automation, lead scoring, lifecycle mapping…) and find that we just aren’t able to do all the things we were once able to . And we don’t realize until its too late that it’s a much larger problem – and what could have been prevented a long time ago with a simple check up could is now an expensive problem requiring an invasive surgery and extensive recovery.

Here are a few signs that you may not be in the best shape with your data:

  • There is no uniform way of entering information
  • You spend an increasing amount of time trying to locate important information
  • The reports you do pull are considered “better than nothing”
  • No one manages the integrity of the data or understands what that means
  • Using the data for marketing purposes (especially automation) scares you to death

Sound familiar? Early diagnosis and treatment can cure or even reverse the effects!

So do what your parents were too afraid to