Persistence, Persuasion, Patience & Passion

Our business has recently experienced an amazing increase in the number of referrals, transactions, and growth. I have spent several hours trying to understand what triggered this recent level of success. Are we working that much harder, attending more networking events, spending more time learning new tools, or just getting an extra dose of luck?

It’s my job to recognize these trends, and make adjustments. I realized it’s good old fashioned “Persistence”. Writing articles takes a whole lot more discipline than saying you are going to do it, the beauty is that most of your competitors don’t have the discipline.

Be Persistent, Persuasive, Patient the rewards will enhance Passion, which is the mother of extraordinary SERVICE.

Do you know how to attract a customer? What do you say to identify with someone’s business need and convince them that you can meet that need?

According to a Yale University study, the twelve most persuasive words in the English language are: “save, money, you, new, health, results, easy, safety, love, discovery, proven, and guarantee”.

I thought it would be fun to define how some of these words live within the space of sales and marketing automation for our clients and team at myBusinessIntegrated.

Save: Automating follow-up and sending the right message to the right person at the right time, saves a lot of headaches.

Money: The more content that’s automated, the more time there is to meet with clients to make more money.

You: Our mantra is to always put yourself in the customer’s shoes – you’ll win every time.

New: The best part of this business is learning something new everyday.

Results: Results involve rapid access to reports and real-time updates – It’s really all about results.

Easy: How easy can we make it for your customers to do business with you?

Safety: The “safety” in sales and marketing automation comes with finding someone with lots of experience and being willing to “fail forward fast”.

Love: Love what you do; authenticity and passion reap credibility and results

I have found that many organizations struggle with knowing exactly how to connect and how they will measure the impact of their communications. Most companies do not have a clear strategy for subtly persuading a prospect to take the next step in buying from them. We would suggest that you consider an audit of your current sales and marketing processes.

Consider mapping out how your customers move through the “buying process”. You will discover a lot about your business going through this process. What is different about that process today compared to five years ago? What are you doing to allow your prospects to become more educated before they contact you?

Once you have defined content that will support your buying process, you’ll want to complement that with the selling process. When was the last time you reviewed and mapped out your selling process? With a strategic map of your buying process and selling process in place, content requirements and next steps will become crystal clear. You will be prepared to put the above persuasive words into action.

If you would like to experience and receive a complimentary map of your business process, and are willing to invest 30 minutes of your time, click here and I will help you achieve what I think is a must do for any business serious about growing and becoming more proficient. I will assure you it is well worth your time and one of the best things you can do in your business right now.

One last thought, I would like to add one additional word to the list above and that is “Thank you”.