Online Presence Management


Online Presence - SEO

Every company has an online presence. Have you googled your name lately? What do you see?  Likely you will see references to your managed properties such as websites, landing pages, social media sites – and unmanaged sites like reviews sites and directories.

Online Presence Management looks at the totality of your Web Presence and Digital Marketing Activities with the goal of making your business stand out in the crowd in a positive way that conveys the reputable nature of your business and builds trust with current and prospective clients or customers.  It encompasses:


Organic and Local SEO

Marketing and Sales Automation Integration

Reputation Management

Content Marketing /Blogging

Paid On-line Advertising

Social Media Sites

Why is Online Presence Management important?

Businesses and individuals rely on online research as a part of almost every buying decisions:

– 81% of consumers research online before making a purchase whether the purchase is online or in-store

– 94% of B2B buyers conduct some research online

In order to compete you have to be found! And more than be found you need to eliminate obstacles that might prevent a customer from choosing you such as bad reviews, conflicting location information and missing cues to search engines, to name a few . Once a prospect does find you the goal is to engage and nurture the relationship until they are ready to buy.

How does it work?

Online Presence Management starts with an assessment of your digital presence.  Based on the findings strengths and opportunities are identified. The next step is to develop a prioritized plan to address the opportunities that can most advance your business. Then you execute the plan and see your sales grow!


Why Choose MBI?


MBI offers complementary assessments of your Online Presence.  Our assessments concentrate on Website SEO, Local SEO and Online Reputation.  We will show you how you are doing in these areas and point out issues that need to be addressed and opportunities that you could be exploiting to grow your business.

The assessment provides the basis for developing a plan to address and prioritize your investment in your digital assets. If engaged we will help you build a plan that fits your time and resources to enhance your online presence.  Depending on our findings we generally address the most critical issues.  This is usually the low-hanging fruit – simple and inexpensive steps you can take that will make a big difference in the short-term.

MBI has associations with experts in the area of SEO, Reputation Management and Web Development that can be brought in as needed to provide small businesses with the right technical expertise.  We can also provide leadership and project management for software selection and implementation.