LinkedIn Connection Program

LinkedIn can be an extremely valuable B2B networking tool – if – you know how to leverage it. LinkedIn has over 600million users (over 150million in the U.S.) with 40% visiting daily. According to LinkedIn 45% of the members are in upper management. Their InMail has a 300% higher response rate than email.

For many of our clients we have seen measurably better response marketing to warm LinkedIn connections than to cold prospects. The problem is, very few people know how nor have the time to leverage LinkedIn effectively. That is where MBI comes in . . .

Through our LinkedIn Connection Program our job is to find your ideal prospects, get them to engage with you through LinkedIn messages, emails, by phone and even booking meetings directly on your calendar. We assist you with the follow up with all your new LinkedIn prospects both on and off LinkedIn. We help you organize and understand all the marketing and sales activity, so your life is easier and more productive.  We do the “grunt work” so all you do is engage and nurture your prospects – and close sales!

How does the LinkedIn Connection Program Work?

  1. We search for your ideal prospects: Job Title, Job Level, Industry, Keywords, Company Size, Years at Current Position, Group Membership, Geography
  2. We connect to your ideal prospects: custom invitation messaging, up to 1500 connection requests per month, generate profile views.  Results: An average of 20-30% conversion rate!
  3. Thank You Messaging: Custom Thank You messages to your new connections.  We start the conversation and you take it from there.
  4. Program Monitoring: Dashboard Reporting.
  5. Export:  New connections to your CRM and/or Marketing Automation Platform

You may be wondering whether our Sales Lead Automation solution or our LinkedIn Connection Program is best for you. While the two programs can stand alone we have found that clients who take advantage of both programs see twice as many leads.  MBI can help you decide on what program (or both) is best for your business.