Is Your Head In The Clouds?

Organizations are looking for two things right now: speed and reducing infrastructure costs.
Moving your organization to cloud-based email, calendar and document management system achieves both goals.

Cloud-Based Email Is Often Cheaper Than On-Premise Email. Click here for a Comparative Cost Analysis Report

I consult with clients regularly using a comparative cost analysis to determine if their email and server infrastructure should live in the cloud or remain in the antiquated architecture of the 1990’s. The results are always apparent; the cloud wins hands-down. Anything less racks up ongoing costs.

If you currently have 5 to 10,000 employees using email, you could save 65% of your annual costs by moving your client/server email and calendaring system to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. For example if you currently have 20 Outlook clients on a Microsoft Exchange Server, you should easily save over $6,000 within 12 months, and create a more collaborative environment for your company and clients. The results are an increase in productivity and money back in your pocket for initiatives which grow your business rather than merely sustain it.

Take a moment to assess your current situation:

  1. Count how many email client accounts that you support.
  2. List the current challenges of your client-based email system?
  3. Review past invoices for mail server support.
  4. Review what it takes to set a new employee up with email.
  5. Compare the disadvantages with collaborative email platforms (see list below)

Today’s leading businesses realize that with the speed of change their systems must be managed on SaaS platforms. They allow for scalability, speed and ease of delivery.

While many organizations understand this intuitively, their migration to cloud-based applications has a major challenge, not necessarily in the technology, but in the adoption and application within business processes. To fully leverage technology for business results, organizations which hire an experienced implementation team to lead the process gain the rewards in the short term and create a scalable foundation to grow.

Change management is both an art form and a leadership challenge. Too many companies fall short of technology investments because of a lack of adoption and implementation which embraces a business result. The business result for a cloud-based productivity system is increased collaboration for getting things done. This requires both behaviors and enabling technologies.

Our team at myBusinessIntegrated articulates how personal and corporate productivity as knowledge workers must be applied within the context of such tools.

To position your company and yourself for growth and cost savings, get your head in the clouds. Click here and schedule an complementary consult session and start the journey of increased productivity and business results.

For an average of $4.05 a month per user you can have this too!

  • Gmail for business 25GB storage, less spam, and a 99.9% uptime SLA, and enhanced email security.
  • Google Calendar – Agenda management, scheduling, shared online calendars and mobile calendar sync.
  • Google Docs – Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Work online without attachments.
  • Google Sites – Secure, coding-free web pages for intranets and team managed sites.
  • Postini – Hosted email security and archiving services for your business.