Choose the Right Keywords – Workbook

Want to know how to choose the right keywords?

Download and review this workbook prior to our Webinar. We will discuss how to select and implement the keywords, phrases and questions that are relevant to your brand and services.

Keywords are money words.

One of the most important decisions you need to address is choosing the keywords you want to own in your marketplace.

Successful Keyword Examples

If you don’t know how you want your customers to find you, then don’t expect them to track you down.

A great example of successful keywords and search engine optimization comes from

BuildDirect optimizes its site to rank high in natural web searches for terms such as “laminate flooring,” “porcelain flooring” and “hardwood flooring,” which are key product areas. How? It publishes unbiased content – which includes these keywords – to help site visitors tackle their building projects.

The purpose of this workbook is to help business owners and marketers understand the first step in improving organic search results. In order to drive more traffic to your website you need to have a clearly defined keyword that you can test, measure and evolve. At the end of this workbook, you will have a list of keywords that can you start using and testing on your website to improve your organic search results.