Do you have clients who have become ridiculously successful, but are hesitant to let you know how astounded they are with the results? Then you might be a Marketing Mistress. I guess it is the ultimate compliment for a marketer. If you think about how the relationship starts and what happens over time, it’s easy to understand why a successful process can turn you into a marketing mistress.

1) The owner, marketing director, and sales director are approached by an organization who specializes in reviewing the way their customers are buying. The client realizes that they really haven’t been too focused on the buying process; their main focus has been on the selling process. In today’s economy it’s much more difficult to gain attention, and people really don’t want to be sold, but they do like to buy.

2) The Marketing Mistress, creates a mindmap, defining what they have believed to be true about the buying experience, and based on that map another map is created to define the selling experience. If executed properly, this dating process creates a high level of excitement, the client is amazed about potential impact this can have on their organization. It is like meeting that special someone who helps you see things that you forgot were in your value proposition.

3) Instead of being focused on software tools, a Marketing Mistress is focused on what they can give clients and prospects that will grab their attention. How do we tell stories, share knowledge and experiences. Instead of telling someone “if I were you, I would do this,” now they are sharing experiences and defining the path for sustainability. A lead scoring process is put in place, the sales people are notified when it is the right time to reach out to a client or prospect. A documented process is created, positive energy is building throughout the organization.

4) Implementing sales and marketing automation is an art.  It’s difficult for some to let someone lead.  Many people struggle with making decisions. The Marketing Mistress is comfortable in this leadership role.  You have to be militant during this period. Just like the military says “lead, follow, or get out of the way.”

5) The client begins to experience the impact, cost of leads go down, length of sale is shortened, closing cycles are reduced, number of deals and size of deals go up. The Marketing Mistress is excited to see all of the pieces come together for the client. And then it happens, the Marketing Mistress approaches the client to get a testimonial about his/her impact on the organization. But only a small portion of the story will be told.  The client doesn’t want his/her competitors to know too much about their mistress, for fear that the mistress will tell too much.

If you are an experienced Marketing Mistress, you will learn just how much to tell, and who to tell it to, allowing you the ability to have many successful relationships. If you are interested in meeting a Marketing Mistress, please call me. I am available:)  Click here to check my availability.