Account Based

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM, despite our initial doubts, has become increasingly popular among marketers in recent years.

However, launching an effective ABM program can be a daunting task with many moving pieces and the need for original content, novel procedures, and new technologies. At MBI, we’ve found that many clients express interest in ABM but struggle with where to start.

We suggest beginning with account-based email, which is simple to implement and won’t disrupt your current sales and marketing procedures.

This approach allows you to make progress towards an account-based marketing strategy while keeping your essential sales and marketing tactics in place.

Account-Based Email – The Best Performing Email Strategy We Have Ever Tested

As a Marketing Automation company, MBI has tested a variety of strategies including mass email, sales automation campaigns, and account-based emails. And out of all these, account-based email has proven to be our top-performing strategy.

However, we believe that account-based email programs cannot be entirely automated.

Given the potential value of these prospects ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, they require careful and personalized attention. Therefore, relying on a standardized and automated program would not be wise. Despite having automated some aspects of the program, it is imperative to have manual administration to ensure its success. These high-value prospects deserve the extra effort and personalization to maximize their potential.

We Can
Help You

With starting the ABM.

Whether you have an existing account-based marketing program or are just getting started, we can get you on the right track.

Identify the Right Accounts to target.

Analyze your customer base for common characteristics and attributes, such as industry, company size, location, and revenue. Use this information to create a targeted list of high-value accounts that are likely to convert.

With Advanced Database Strategies

Ensure accurate and complete customer data, segment based on behavior, preferences, and purchase history, and leverage data analytics for personalized marketing to improve engagement and conversion.

Determine Which Prospects to Include in Your Sales and Marketing Efforts

Consider demographics, firmographics, past purchase history, and engagement with your brand to identify high-value prospects for your sales and marketing efforts. Leverage data analytics and customer insights for optimal results.

Prioritize and Prepare Data

Identify target accounts and decision-makers, gather relevant data on firmographics, technographics, and intent signals, and cleanse and segment your data for targeted and personalized marketing efforts.

Account-based Messaging

Identify target accounts and their pain points, craft personalized messaging, and use targeted channels to deliver it in a resonating way.

Overcome Challenges

Let us help you tackle those account-based marketing hurdles! We’ve got the expertise and guidance to implement an effective strategy, plus technology solutions to make your life easier. Our data analysis and ongoing support will make ABM a breeze for you!

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